Awake! Protest Curtains, Kala Art Institute Milvia / Addison Street Window Gallery, June to December, 2017

Awake! presents a selection of repurposable fabric banners made in association with Solidarity Sundays, Anti Lab, and 100 Days Action as a response to the political moment, spearheaded by artist Angie Wilson with help from collaborator Lena Wolff. The reusable banners in this exhibition are essentially mobile murals that can be infinitely reconfigured – doubling as window curtains for homes and businesses to face the public, or to be carried in protests in the streets to communicate messages of love, empowerment and solidarity.

Participating Artists: Ashley Brown, Hannah Ronson, Miriam Klein Stahl, Stephanie Sujuco, Angie Wilson, Hazel Klein Wolff, Lena Wolff

June 15th to December 15, 2017
Kala Art Institute Milvia / Addison Windows Gallery
accessible / viewable 24 hours a day
2100 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA 94704


Piecework Collective, NYC, September 14th - 17th, 2017

Piecework Collective, September 14th - 17th, 2017 473 West Broadway, NYC


Piecework Collective is an annual exhibition held each year in New York City. The show brings together the work of textile artists from around the world who explore unique aesthetics, processes and materials in their individual approach to quilting. The object of the exhibition is to showcase the work of a contemporary quilt community, a community united by a love of the craft and who all feel a strong connection to its history. This year, PIecework Collective will be exhibiting during textile week in NYC, in September 2017 (full details TBA). Participants include, Maura Grace of Folk Fibers, Meg Callahan, Season Evans, Emily Fischer, Coulter Fussell of YaloRUN Textiles, Mariah Gillespie, Lesley Gold, Lorena Marañon, Kiva Motnyk, Jessica Ogden, Lindsay Stead, Pamela Wiley, Erin Wilson and Lena Wolff.

The Song is Love, Artist Residency, De Young Museum, Oct 31 - Dec 3, 2017

The Song is Love, Artist Residency, De Young Museum, Oct 31-Dec 3, 2017
FUTURE CHORUS performance, Saturday, December 2nd 2PM

Taking a cue from the title of an album by the Quails put out on Mr. Lady records in 2003, THE SONG IS LOVE is a month-long residency at the De Young Museum which presents a series of projects that affirm the transformative power of art and collaboration to generate empathy and the sublime in times of political disaster. From October 31 to December 3, 2017, Wolff’s studio will be set up as an intimate space within the museum, where new work will be developed in drawing, collage and fabric, along with multiple collaborations with fellow artists, musicians, designers, craftspeople and the public.  THE SONG IS LOVE upholds the power of collective creative activity as an essential wave of resistance at this critical time in the history of the United States -a power is capable of turning the tide away from hate, toward wider affirmative forces of love, imagination and inclusivity. 

As part of the residency, Wolff's project FUTURE CHORUS, will perform songs for the political moment at the museum Saturday., December 2nd at 2pm. Chorus members and music advisors include, Cedre Csillagi, Jaime Knight, Koralie Hill, Rumi Koshino, Erica Horowitz, Colter Jacobson, Gee Hahn, Terri Loewenthal, Ivy Jeanne McClelland, Miwazu Misquitta, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Claire Plumb, Corinna Press, Laurian Rhodes, Will Schwartz, Amy Rathbone,  Sarah Simon, Kate Sweeney, Boff Whaley & more.