FUTURE CHORUS, formed in the summer of 2017 as a way of addressing the fallout of the political moment after the 2016 presidential election. Still going strong today, the chorus is made up of an ensemble of over 25 friends, artists and musicians who sing original and cover songs that are incantations to the forces that drive transformative socio-political resistance movements, offering messages of hope, resilience and empowerment to forge a better future. 

FUTURE CHORUS continues to perform into 2018 at demonstrations, public spaces and art events throughout the Bay Area.

FUTURE CHOURS founder: Lena Wolff
FUTURE CHORUS choral director: Claire Plumb, Little Mission Studio, co-director Kate Sweeney
FUTURE CHORUS co-founder and collaborator: Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Bouquet, Song of Euridyce and Community Chorus
FUTURE CHORUS MEMBERS: Myisha Battle, Jessica Baer, Ezequiel Calderon Jr, Cedre Csillagi, Stevie Ann DePaola, Gee Hahn, Koralie Hill, Erica Horowitz, Colter Jacobson, Ivy Jeanne, Jaime Knight, Rumi Koshino, Terri Loewenthal, Muwazu Misquitta, Neil Nisbet, Claire Plumb, Corinna Press, Lily Rachles, Amy Rathbone, Laurian Rhodes, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Laura Rose Sanford, Daniela Sea, Silky Shoemaker, Sarah Simon, Kate Sweeney, Andrew Berg Sweeney, Hannah Weiss, Hazel Klein Wolff & more. Guests Mona Martinez and Will Schwartz from LA. 

The Song is Love, Artist Residency, de Young Museum October 31 to December 2, 2017.

During a month-long residency at the de Young Museum, The Song is Love tapped into the transformative power of art and collaboration to generate empathy in a moment of political disaster in the United States after the 2016 presidential election. Through multiple collaborations with artists, musicians and the public, the residency upheld collective creative activity as a force capable of turning the tide away from hate and callousness, toward wider affirmative forces of love, imagination and inclusivity. For the duration of the project, Wolff’s studio was set up as an intimate space within the museum and visitors were invited to send letters of solidarity into the wider world at an art and letter-writing station made by local woodworker Nobuto Suga. In addition to the development of new work and letter writing activities, FUTURE CHORUS practiced weekly and performed at the museum on December 2nd, along with dance by choreographer Lauren Benjamin and a prelude by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.