Taking a cue from the title of an album by the Quails put out on Mr. Lady records in 2003, THE SONG IS LOVE is a month-long residency at the De Young Museum which presents a series of projects that affirm the transformative power of art and collaboration to generate empathy and the sublime in times of political disaster. From October 31 to December 3, 2017, Wolff’s studio will be set up as an intimate space within the museum, where new work will be developed in drawing, collage and fabric, along with multiple collaborations with fellow artists, musicians, designers, craftspeople and the public.  Collaborations include a piece on friendship made with artist and feminist queer icon Tammy Ray Carland, quilt-making activities, a costume making workshop with Erica Tanov, and the opportunity for visitors to send messages of appreciation and solidarity out into the wider world at a custom-made letter writing station made by local woodworker Nobuto Suga. In addition, a series of choral performances will be presented on Friday nights at the museum that bring context and hope to this political moment. Musical collaborators include Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs of BOUQUET, Colter Jacobson, Kate Sweeney of Magic Magic Roses and more.

THE SONG IS LOVE upholds the power of collective creative activity as an essential wave of resistance at this critical time in the history of the United States -a power is capable of turning the tide away from hate, toward wider affirmative forces of love, imagination and inclusivity.