Awake! Protest Curtains, Kala Art Institute Milvia / Addison Street Window Gallery, June to December, 2017

Awake! presents a selection of repurposable fabric banners made in association with Solidarity Sundays, Anti Lab, and 100 Days Action as a response to the political moment, spearheaded by artist Angie Wilson with help from collaborator Lena Wolff. The reusable banners in this exhibition are essentially mobile murals that can be infinitely reconfigured – doubling as window curtains for homes and businesses to face the public, or to be carried in protests in the streets to communicate messages of love, empowerment and solidarity.

Participating Artists: Ashley Brown, Hannah Ronson, Miriam Klein Stahl, Stephanie Sujuco, Angie Wilson, Hazel Klein Wolff, Lena Wolff

June 15th to December 15, 2017
Kala Art Institute Milvia / Addison Windows Gallery
accessible / viewable 24 hours a day
2100 Milvia St, Berkeley, CA 94704