The Paper Quilt Project

Exhibition & Public Programs at the Berkeley Art Center
October 15 – December 4, 2011

His Past Was Always Waiting for Him in the Future, Jason Hanasik & Roderick Kiracofe, 2011
Paper Quilt Project, installation view

The Paper Quilt Project was an exhibition and artist collaboration curated by Lena Wolff at the Berkeley Art Center in 2011. The show brought contemporary artists together to work on a project linked to traditional American craft. For the collaboration, artists were set up in teams to make work that references quilts, thematically rooted in the idea of interdependence and inter-connectivity, incorporating ideas of community, human or ecological relationships.

Red, Gray & Blue, detail, ink jet prints, Inga Dorosz & Adriane Coleburn, 2011

Memory Suture, (in-progress), LissaIvy Tiegel & C. Ryder Cooley, 2011

Rooftop Quilt (for David Hammons), 2011
paper quilt in progress by Francesca Pastine and Kathryn Van Dyke

Offering a platform for expression that combined socializing and storytelling, the process of making quilts historically provided an opportunity for the everyday person, and women in particular, to make political, social, spiritual and visionary creations. This project revived the social and participatory nature of quilt making among contemporary artists who might normally work alone to join forces in a shared experience. The theme of interconnectivity that the works were based upon related directly to the practice the artists engaged in with their collaborations.

Some of the participants in the project include celebrated paper cut artist and children’s book illustrator, Nikki McClure, artist and feminist icon Tammy Rae Carland, sculptor and social practice artist Allison Smith and quilt historian Roderick Kiracofe, among a host of artists from around the country and the UK.  Each team set about the project as an experiment and the collaborations took place through a combination of personal interactions, resulting in roughly 15 large-scale works on paper in addition to a scattering of installations. The work was exhibited along with a catalog and public workshops at the Berkeley Art Center (BAC) in the fall of 2011.

Paper Quilt Project, installation view
Center: His Past Was Always Waiting for Him in the Future, Jason Hanasik & Roderick Kiracofe, 2011

Participating Artists:
Johanna Bartelt
Julie Barten
Rebecca Barten
Amber Bell
Julianna Bright
Monica Canilao
Tammy Rae Carland
Adriane Colburn
Marion Coleman
C. Ryder Cooley
Lauren Drescher
Inga Dorosz
Valerie Hammond
Jason Hanasik
Nyls Jongewaard
Roderick Kiracofe
Nikki McClure
Alexis McKenzie
Signe Olson
Melody Owen
Francesca Pastine
Lesley Patterson-Marx
Amy Rathbone
Allison Smith
Miriam Klein Stahl
LissaIvy Tiegel
Kathryn Van Dyke